Applique is mostly used to reduce the stitch count and also reduce the thread wastage and increase the production in a short time. It will give a fine smooth satin stitch finish. Our company provides different embroidery applique designs as per the tastes of clients. Even the minute part of the customer’s art will be taken into account, the stitches used here will be very accurate without missing any details, and main specialization of the applique is time and thread saving.


3D Puff embroidery is a quite tricky and integral part of the embroidery. These types of techniques require a mastered digitizer. This design will provide a more personalized effect on your clothes. We have a professional team for 3D Puff embroidery designs and we are able to manage any kind of designs to convert into 3D puff. We have a testing department to verify every outcome before it reaches our clients, testing will be done by using our embroidery machine.


Embroidery on the t-shirts and hats looks super cool and it is the nature of people that they like to have different designs or any brand logos. Chest and hat embroidery logo designs are classic ones and very popular among the globe. Chest logo is a flat method of sewing embroidery, whereas cap embroidery sews differently and settings are also different from chest. we can assure 100% quality since all logos are tested in embroidery machines by our testing department.


Vector Art! This term that we know today has gone through a huge transformation in the past 3 Decades. Vector will convert dull and raster image into a clear one by using two software, Coreldraw and Illustrator. You can enlarge the vector files without losing its quality. The finalized logos or designs will be sent to our customers in PDF, AI, CDR, or EPS as they requested. Services offered in vector are:

  • Screenprint namedrop.
  • Rhinestones.
  • Lineart conversions.
  • Vinyl Cutting.
  • Halftone print

Namedrop is also a part of the vector art service. Replacing a selected logo, color, icons in the exact layout is name drop. These changes will be made according to the garment and texture. The two main uses of vector services is Digital printing and Screen printing. Digital printing can used produced with multiple number of colors whereas Screen printing can come only with CYMK. In our Rs digitizing, you can get all forms of logos, posters, illustrations, or any kind of designs which can be resized as per customer’s wish, to any extent we will keep the same crystal clear image quality. Our services follow the trends of modern-day design. Visit our gallery sections to view our amazing collections vector and embroidery digitizing work done by our specialists.